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A family friendly place to give animals a voice and discuss all things animal welfare and wildlife conservation.

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Providing animal rescue, ambulance and conservation, AWLWA, a HMRC registered charity, was founded in 2012 with the aim to provide a family friendly platform to help raise awareness and enhance the understanding of animals, both domestic and wild, around the world.


Based in the beautiful Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK, we are made up entirely of volunteers, wildlife conservationists and people with a passion for all species of animals. We want to enable those who interact with any species of animal learn about how they can make every interaction, with every animal, a positive memory.


As keen amateur nature conservationists and animal welfare campaigners, we also like to take lots of photographs of the animals we help, all of which are available to purchase.  





We run 100% via fundraising and donations. Help us to raise funds, all of which go directly to helping animals, by clicking 'donate' at the top of this page or by visiting our online shop here -> AWLWA SHOP


We will add more pages over time dedicated to the conservation of many species of UK wildlife and we already have pages for wild boar and herptiles, these pages will contain in-depth species information, as well as details on the challenges they face, both environmental and human related. We aim to provide information on how you can help these species and live alongside them to ensure they survive for many years to come.  In addition there will be links to other animal friendly sites for further reading and news articles relating all species of animals.


Enjoy our site, and thank you for the support.


A Wild Life with Animals

Email: info@AWLwA.org

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