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Animal & Wildlife Awareness based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, covering surrounding areas.

A Wild Life with Animals, HMRC Registered Charity, was founded, by Scott Passmore in 2012, as a charitable organisation, with the aim to provide the general public with an animal rescue service and a family friendly platform to help raise awareness and enhance the understanding of all species of animals. Based in the beautiful Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK, we are made up entirely of volunteers with a passion for all species of animals. We also want to enable those who interact with any species of animal learn about how they can make every interaction, with every animal, a positive memory.


We get no government funding, help by clicking 'donate' at the top of this page or by visiting our online shop here -> AWLWA SHOP. The JustGiving option above allows Gift Aid and is our preference, the PayPal button does not. 100% of donations are spent on helping all species of animal. No money will come to us personally, we are all volunteers and all monies go towards keeping animals alive and free of persecution.


It costs £1000s, every year, to fund AWLWA to help animals around the clock. As well as donations we also raise money for other great animal charities through our photos, walks, talks and other projects. The more people who hear about our group the more calls for help we are getting, this is resulting in us driving around the country in every second of our spare time helping injured or lost animals and transporting to safety.


Enjoy our site, thank you for the support.

A Wild Life with Animals


Welcome to A Wild Life with Animals

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If you find an injured animal and NEED URGENT ASSISTANCE call 01594 715105 or 07925 638337. 

We are not open to the public, therefore please call before bringing us any casualties.

For non-urgent questions click here -> contact AWLWA We are not open 24/7 but will always try to help as and when we have volunteers available.

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Animal & Wildlife Rescue based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, covering surrounding areas.


*** Important Notice ***


Due to lack of funding, donations and volunteers we have to advise as of 1st January 2017 we will be closing.


The AWLWA team have put their everything into making this work over the last 5 years but we have now hit the point where we cannot continue any longer and self funding this rescue facility is no longer an option. The phones will still be on until the new year and we will continue to give advice only and will point any callers to the next nearest animal rescue to where they are based.


Would like to say thank you to everyone who has donated to us, and shown us support, over the years, we would not have got this far, and helped 1000s of animals, without you.